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歐 RMB exchange rate for nine years with the reflection of low volume chemicals Emotion avoidance in the future to future oil price 慘 pale gold preferred

2015-the first real complete the market in early trading week to knock Investor 響 鍾 of police on Monday (January 5) to market, avoiding chemicals Emotion volumes fall, yes 憂 慮 Yu Xi 臘 politics became a refuge from the chemicals 導 fire rope.
on the foreign exchange market, in Greek 臘 back 歐 and the 歐 CHOW of the Bank's QE Tri-under heavy pressure, 歐 棄 er of Yuan into the market, fell to a near nine-year low. On the commodity market, the most notable is the Cardinality of the oil price, tumbling again in the Pricing of crude oil pan, United States crude oil even dipped below the psychological impacts of $ 50, and in the Pricing of crude oil slumped under the flowinfluence, other struggling software basic gold're part 銅 table now. Only gold market tables now a beautiful port, avoiding chemicals Emotion and can correspond in fact bought Pan 穩 booster gold price enterprises above $ 1200.
in 債 tickets on the market, and United States public 債 Pricing Zhang, a 30-year public 債 Jin Sheng leadership runs, its yield dropped to 兩nianban low bit, as I'm the Global Economy into a long and Greek 臘 may quit Dan 憂 歐 area increased. 歐 債, yields on 10-year German 債 觸 and highlight any low bit 0.492%. And the Greek Cypriot public 債 臘 10-year yields rose 21 individual base point, the triennial public 債 yields 12 individual base point. Impacts of fixed-income strategy of normal University said, "stocks brought public 債 begins I'm avoiding chemicals bought pan, oil price plunge cast information Yes global long Dan 憂 increased. "
歐 American stocks in the chemicals Emotion avoidance under flowinfluence, sharp falls in your pan. 歐 stocks, 歐 Zhou Pan 歐 績 優 300 index closed down 2.3% Pan; French CAC 40 index closed Pan 3.5%, German DAX index closed down 3% pan. Stocks, and poor's 500 Index closed down 1.82%; Dow Jones, Ben operating average index fell 1.84%; Vienna fell sidake index 1.56%.
h 臘 political Risk became 導 fire cable market to avoid chemicals on Monday. On Sunday a public fruit 顯 probe investigation results released, as shown in the Greek Cypriot left-wing United Union Syriza 繼 續 臘 極 data depository status, this United Union State on measures against fiscal 緊 Yes product can access, this kind of line stance stub project q in terms of Greek 臘 aid Chong TU. Switzerland Economy impacts Bank school home airport: "the Bible political Risk back into the market, Greek Investor is 臘 choose habdabs. "
data of Ming mirror German weekly furnished accommodation road airport on Saturday, German Government've done calculations necessary permit maybe Greek 臘 exit 歐 area of standard equipment. Analysis of normal University and Investor points out, is reflected in market Investor I'm the end of January the Greek 臘 choose Dan 憂 Emotion growing strong, some market participants fear worry this may select the stub image: why the Greek Cypriot 臘 exit 歐 area Pu flat road.