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穩 held dollar index at a nine-year high 貨 prospects up to the currency policy is not conducive to 歐

Lowest intraday Forex price drop to 1.1866, less than in 2010 歐 area Sovereignty 債 dangerous airport services 觸 and lowest level. 歐 Yuan exchange rate software mainly because Investor I'm want 臘 feel fear worry political uncertainty and market central banks will soon have to predict total 歐 Chau large livly after its Economy stimulus project q. Tong Zhang,
announced the German index data again struggling software, increase the market Yes 歐 Chau of the Bank's QE plasticity, boost 歐 Yuan exchange rate fell Cardinality. Intraday index data indicated 顯, Germany December CPI 0.2% initial boost increase on an annualized basis, low reflection 62 months, predict increased long 0.3%, value long before 0.6%. In addition, the December 歐 Yuan Tong Zhang, area of the consumer price index data will be announced on Wednesday, probe investigation 顯 follows market predict its boost increase speed in order to 0.3% per annum, far below the target level of 歐 Chau Central Bank just below 2%.
歐 Chau have been activities in Zambia had strong points out that 歐 forced Club Med I'm Currency inflation Zhang form drag. But for those months when the staff there, 盡 tube 歐 Yuan exchange rate fell, 歐 Chau Central San Francisco face still more, the greater the Stress, need large livly rules of its information products posted by bought project q-mode to stimulate 歐 area Economy and boost've by Tong Zhang rate to near zero.
, the future Investor predict total, Mario Draghi will this month announce rules modeling information products posted by bought project q, which is 謂 by "quantitative 寬 song" project q, this'll make 歐 Chau Central High've Prada 2 $ 萬億 table of information products Liability rules die large livly again about $ 1 萬億. This kind of plasticity 債 coupons were pushed down yields, reduced 歐 Yuan Yes Investor appeal. 歐 Chau Central Bank called open on January 22 next 貨 Concilium currency policy formulation.
information product management activities the company's information products the study said: "貨 prospects up to the currency policy is not conducive to 歐 Yuan. "This company and to predict total 歐 Chau announced this month the Bank posted by bought Sovereignty 債 coupons" quantitative 寬 song "project q. However, 鑒 recently've 歐 area exchange rate declined substantially in the future the Cardinality, Lyxor why not 認 歐 progress one step lower.
歐 Chau Central walk beside us contact 儲 貨 currency policies form a bird's out I'm now maybe more Investor contact 儲 predict total beauty will start raising interest rates this year. Impacts have pointed out that: "square Pan dollar strength remains the central theme on the foreign exchange market. Therefore, we now hold NET Cang. "Last week, the dollar 穩 nine-year highs, due to global Investor bet on United States Economy Club Med compound Suai.
day-United States contact 儲 staff activities still release 講 said, airport United States contact 儲 (FED) still finish the discussion in the middle of 2015 discussed on the rate hike question problem 軌. Phase about Officer staff plasticity total beauty China contact State public open city Gatwick Board staff Club Med (FOMC) will Club Med phase when sequential Jian progress to received 緊 貨 currency policy, airport beauty China still need 寬 pine of 貨 currency policy, first raised interest rates of 後 of policy line begins to efforts will take duel Yu Bible financial number high speed circuit switched data, beauty contact 儲 no has any reason in received 緊 貨 currency policy CK of over urgent.
"beauty contact 儲 pass 訊 social" phase about people airport, beauty contact 儲 in 2015 will Yes beauty China Bible financial growth prospects more has confidence; but yes world other big China of Bible financial growth holding 懷 suspected attitude; oil price fell will Yes solutions read pass Zhang go Cardinality caused must trapped difficult; dollars go strong, and better of increased long prospects and more high of letter Dai cost may 導 Landis information this into dollars information products; beauty contact 儲 since financial dangerous airport to future has been please theory will using new of Jian tube tool future inhibit Xia a real information products bubble, Future Kimberley Jian both months QC inspection tube London institution poised prepared face is whether this power 脅; also measured and have empathy for other Bank's ability to manage information flow begins.
published in the United States on Friday before the December non-farm operating coefficient data, dealers why we adjust nut Cang will market this week about Cardinality. Beauty contact 儲 last 貨 coins will be released this week Concilium century, United States Service industries index data will be published on Tuesday. Accept MW probe investigation analysis of normal University on average predict December non-farm operating index data will again increase by 21.5 萬, Unemployment rate could fall to 5.7%.
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