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China international oil Pricing lower oil price again most 輕 song release road 徑 is down

Monday international Pricing of crude oil fell again, West Texas crude oil fell below 50 US dollars, fell as low US $ 49.94 a barrel London North London Special Pricing of crude oil also fell sharply, fell as low $ 52.64 per barrel, are under the reflection of five-year lows in the future. Pricing of crude oil lower, mainly because of the strong dollar, and Ying over left, depressed demand 導 Landis.
Zhang on the dollar exchange rate is one factor in oil price fell sharply, because of this image: 導 Landis total charge in dollars decline in commodity futures Pricing, because other 貨 currency Investor bought into this some commodity costs will want to change is high.
歐 Peck (OPEC) second largest oil products image: Iraq's oil Ministry issued statement said, this oil exports the reflection of China December 1980 with the maximum age in the future DVD, Computer Terminal, how important do sales calls from overseas oil in southern reflection 曆 history record. Stub at the same time, 歐 Peck has decided not to guard against product, into a member country 傾 originally decided by the market itself to the oil price at a reasonable level.
German bank activities of senior oil and commodity market analysis of normal University said: "oil price 輕 徑 pine release exhibition road is dropped. Almost all the market news and fundamental background Yes oil price is not good, the current oil price is very difficult to see Zhang on the marked, writing begins. "Analysis of normal University get in, fit in the above POV point of view:" oil market fundamentals in the near future is very difficult to have much improved. Ying FA of new market access, offset by Libby flowinfluence of Nigerian exports. More Ying to market 趕 the future, which the index rose, Pete comes from Russia and Iraq. "
fully furnished apartments 貨 gold in avoiding chemicals and right demand under the file station 穩 $ 1200.
New York about Gold Futures Pricing on Monday on Pan Zhang 1.5%, furnished accommodation in 1204 dollars per ounce, serial pins the second one straight gains, mainly due to China-from the gold posted by now forced Jin bought scale, as well as Greek 臘 political crisis airport and a sagging stock market prompting Investor bought into the gold away from chemicals.
China became the gold market "Savior" because China's gold price spill stub improved compared to last week. A 貴 gold're part of China Hong Kong trading Member airport, down 導 Landis Jin 價cheng 歐 pressure, but China Gold posted by bought now entering into the powerful Jin table played a role in pushing up the price of gold. This trading staff still BU-filled road, dealers predict gauge when 歐 Chau progress in the market access time, Zhang go Jin 價還 繼 續 Tel Aviv Cardinality.
gold price in Shanghai gold exchange stub global spills compared to Standard Pricing of around $ 7 price, this table shows that gold demand now is good. Last week why spill charge 4 to 5 dollars. Recently both one week to fall, posted by bought-China Gold has been rising because China Chinese calendar Chinese New Year holidays are about to come, people being posted by bought gold for good operation or send gifts.
Chicago Financial services company's information activities in Shenzhen stock market access strategy of normal University why people 認, Greek 臘 Cardinality find Dang and the stock market struggling software was catch some Investor Information Golden threes, it into the gold market, gold charm chemicals increased avoidance of rising temperature.
phase about people said, Cheng so dollars go strong brought future great (blog, micro-Bo) of resistance, but yellow Jin 價ge still in December 2014 efforts to keep with phase Yes strong Jin of go Cardinality, for why voted information who of attention has Bible in must degree Shang threes, to 歐 Chau prospects not air circuit breakers evil of this a main problem Shang, this especially Stadium now in Greek 臘 political dangerous airport Shang.
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