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Early Pan gold 評 white Pan built Council

Gold around 1188 open Pan yesterday to close above around 1204, up to a maximum of around 1207, near the minimum to 1178, volatility almost $ 29 per cent to a Sun Online. Fuck Pan yesterday closure Checklist: "Gold White Pan built completely around the Council of mining 1182-1186, goal 1191-1194 near or above 損 1177. Near near 1200-1202 short-1195 above or below, 損 1207. " Take the primary transaction calculation, long profits nearly $ 20 yesterday, short sell the Sao 損 虧 損 $ 5, total profits of nearly $ 1500.
look at the fundamentals, market 繼 續 I'm Greek 臘 councils find Dang, leaven or sends back 歐 Risk events happen, market Emotion avoidance-avoidance increased USD Tri Tri-stub gold higher. Cardinality view, Pan Zhang after the first fall early against threes, after the up, after a whole day was a shock on the dang 揚 Cardinality up to a maximum of around 1207, the last significantly higher throughout the day. Since yesterday the Cardinality and Intraday technical face to look at, day-after White Pan slightly back to Zambia, Zambia walked head high again.
white Pan built Council:
Gold Council built around the 1197-1201 low to 1206-1210 near or above 損 1192.
white Galaxy built white Pan near the 15.74-16.25 High Council Gu Zha, side empty before and after much less what Lord 損 $ 3. BACK PAGE