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Or Russia in the world economy recession fears drag down

Russia is an important pole in current world politics and economy, is one of the BRICs, is the backbone of the development of the world economy. Russia economic recessions, the current global economy, is not a good thing. After the ruble devaluation, Russia's trade partners, whether national or international business, has begun to suffer. Once Russia economic collapse, and believe that no country will benefit from it.
Germany as Europe's biggest economy, is Russia an important business partner. Last year, Germany and Russia's commercial trade amounted to 76 billion euros. Western Ukraine issues sanctions against Russia, has affected Germany's interest, Germany Government said in November that because of "regional crisis" effects of Germany's economic growth will fall sharply this year and next.
in addition, Russia from the European countries to buy a lot of commodities. But in August, Russia take measures against sanctions banned from Europe and the United States, and Canada, to import food and other supplies. The move to Russia exports of cheese, fruit, meat and other products of companies suffered huge losses, the European countries have to farm subsidies, subsidies had reached 156 million dollars in the third quarter.
other, including energy, some large multinational corporations, such as cars, but also by the Russia impact of the economic crisis. United Kingdom oil company and Russia's largest oil companies have close cooperation, as United States sanctions, which reduced oil income this year by 25%. France total SA are also lower growth expectations for next year. United States Ford, Germany Volkswagen and other auto companies, Russia's sales also fell sharply, the industry are to varying degrees by Russia the economic impact of the recession on.