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Russia's recession may lead to gold and silver risk aversion

Falling oil prices make Russia former aura of wealth is no longer, it also exposes Russia economy is too dependent on energy exports, vulnerability to periodic fluctuations in the external environment. For Russia, it is imperative to stabilize the rouble exchange rate, the economy weather the crisis.
Vladimir Putin said in his State of the Union address recently, use of the country's sovereign-wealth Fund to enrich the domestic banks ' capital, and then for the real economy "blood transfusion", and will return to Russia "outflows" implementing a 3-year "immunity", unprecedented. Personally, in parallel with the capital return, ease contradictions with international parties, to stabilisation in oil prices is one of the necessary methods.
in the case of capital flight, Russia has become the recession inevitable, and is likely to last for a long time. Russia's winter will bring negative effects to the emerging economies, dragging down the global economy, it needs further observation.
this year, the general slowdown in emerging economies, the rupiah depreciated, China economy GDP may be lower than the year 2013 is about 7.4%. Russia is at the euro an important energy exporter, and Germany France trade ties closer. But as a global economic player of Russia, if sustained economic recession may hold one body.
silver in Switzerland after the referendum, slightly stabilising trend leveled off. Daily Macd fast line gradually rise, reaching 0 axis, red column. Rsi back to around 50, many in temporary balance. After the Fed's rate decision was announced, United States monetary policy gradually clear, uncertain impact of silver. Future trend of silver, needs combined crude oil and Russia economy to determine. If oil prices continue lower, Russia entered a recession, Silver's safe-haven properties can be excited, in 2015, the silver or silver lining.